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Leading company in Animal Health and Nutrition, SUPER'S DIANA was founded in 1964 within an importan group of enterprises dedicated to livestock in Spain.

Located at 30 km from Barcelona, in Parets del VallÚs, the company has an area of 3000 m2 dedicated to the manufacture, control and storage of its products.

The production facilities are equipped with the latest technologies, which meet Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) of the EU.

SUPER'S DIANA Animal Health Division offers a wide range of products for vets and livestock farmers:

- Antibacterials: Diacef, Dialina, Amoxidian, Colistop.
- Parasiticides: Vermifor.
- Hormones: Oxitocina Diana.
- Metabolic regulators, Medicated premixes, etc.

The Nutrition Division also offers diferent products aimed to animal nutrition, with two different lines:

- Bovine Nutrition: Dianco.
- Porcine Nutrition: Innova Feed.

All our products are the result of the experience obtained over many years of extensive research together with a full dedication to animal health and nutrition and the collaboration with out customers. They have been designed to respond with maximum effectiveness against the situations at which they are targeted.

The control system of the Quality Control Department guarantees the quality level of the products by submitting to strict tests and analyses each stage of the production process, from the reception of the raw materials until the product is finished. Therefore, SUPER'S DIANA offers to its customers competitive and high quality veterinary products, with proven efficacy and safety and with an attractive presentation.

Our main objectives are:

- Preservation of the best quality standards

- Research and Development of new products

- Enviromental sustainability

- International expansion

Currently, SUPER'S DIANA exports to several countries in the Middle and Far East, Africa and Latin America.

tel. (+34) 93 843 75 36  |  fax (+34) 93 843 65 45